About Us:
kjwebs.com is a privately owned, profitable Web hosting and design company. We help small and mid-sized businesses establish a presence on the Internet with low-cost Web hosting solutions. We have revolutionized the Web hosting industry by offering hosting packages that remain unbeatable today! kjwebs.com has chosen to focus on the UNIX-based hosting market. By focusing on just one operating system, our company has been able to leverage an extensive amount of knowledge and talent to provide a scalable, stable and efficient platform at very competitive prices.

We are different:
Because the market place has changed, we adapted. With the exploding mobile market place, we now use Responsive Web design is the approach that when a user switches from their desktop or laptop to their smartphone or iPad, netbook or kindle, the website will automatically switch to accommodate for screen size and the device being used. In other words, the website has the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different website for each new device on the market.

Where we are going:
Remember, that unlike PCs, mobile Smart phones are 'on' all day, everyday. And their owners take them with them wherever they go. Because of this, we feel that all future websites should be build on the Responsive platform. Using that technology, your customers will always be able to access you site and have a great experience. Plus with the use of QR codes on all of your ads and invoices, your customers will always be able to visit your site by just scanning the code with their smart phone.

For more info on the QR codes click here

Here is a breakout from one of my sites
that document the popularity of
the mobile community.

Device - Percent
Platform - Percent
Non-mobile - - 54%
ios - - 56%
Phone - - 34%
Android - - 43%
Tablet - - 12 %
Blackberry - - .7%
Windows - - .3%