If you have a smart phone, you have probably scanned many of these little powerful codes.  QR stands for (Quick Response) code and it is the new generation, enhanced bar code.   When scanned by a smart phone it will take the person to a place on the web, dial a phone number or provide a service for the person determined by the creator.  They make print media come alive.

Because of the popularity of the smart phones and the new generation of gotta know now public, the codes have become very popular for marketing here in the states.  These QR Codes are popping up everywhere, in magazines, flyers, coupons, on products and even on the side or cars and trucks. The list is endless.

With the advent of the smart phones and their vast capabilities, some people are now using their phone for their main access to the internet. The new problem is that most of the existing web sites are too clumsy for viewing and navigating with the small screen. The cure for that is the new responsive website design. They can be your best friend for the new smart phone market. 

The best part about codes is that they can be tracked.
  If I create the QR code for you and it is placed in a magazine or flyer, I can tell you the time and date of the scan and tell you what flyer or magazine it was scanned from.  This way you can tell which promotion is working best to manage you advertising money.

Sample working QR Codes